There are plenty of ways in which you can get involved with Christian Life Foundation


Your donation of any amount will allow us to continue serving the community of Villa Julia. Some of the services we offer include: meals for the kids and their families on special occasions, the purchasing of bibles for our new children, supplies for Sunday school classes, internet access, printing and photocopying, and movie nights with snacks.


Through our sponsorship program, you will be paired up with a child with whom you’ll be able to build a relationship. It’s important for our children to know that they are cared for and prayed over by someone. Through your sponsorship, your child will receive:

- School uniforms and supplies

- Daily lunches

- Help with homework

- Education on health, hygiene, drug abuse, etc.

- Spiritual counseling

- Teen moms receive classes on how to properly care for their                          children.

Most importantly, your sponsor child will get to know and trust the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at:



There are many areas that require prayer. We have specific needs and we need prayer for each and every single child. If you are interested in joining our group of intercessors, please contact us at: Our desire is to constantly cover these children with prayer.